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Simple 1 Pass:
Quick, but not so secure method.  Uses single pass and fills free space with random data.

Schneier 7 Pass:
Based on Bruce Schneier's algorithm.  It relies on a cryptographically secure random number generator wo wipe with random data.  It overwrites data 7 times.  It is very secure and can be used for private files.
Hard Drive Erase

DoD 7 Pass:
Based on U.S. Department of Defense's standard "National Industrial Security Program Operating Manual" (U.S. DoD 5220.22-M ECE).  It overwrites data 7 times.  This method incorporated the DoD-3 method.  It is secure and should be used for general files.  It can also be used by many commercial enterprises.

Gutmann 35 Pass:
Based on Peter Gutmann's algorithm.  The data will be overwritten 35 times using patterns.  While this method takes the longest amount, it is the most secure method.

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